Mar 10

March 10, 2014

Bicycle in the garden

Fine Art Tiles

A few weeks ago a woman called me with a challenge, and I love a challenge! She had a seriously boring floor of 12 by 12 inch ceramic tiles and wondered if I could paint them. I have painted tile before, it can work well depending on the tiles and where they are, so I said “Maybe”. After taking a look and discussing exactly what she had in mind, I took on the challenge- and it sure was just that!…

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Feb 21

February 21, 2014

road construction mural

Construction Zone

I love when parents have great ideas for their kid’s play spaces! I was called recently to discuss a small back-ground mural for a lower level playroom (I’ll blog about that next week, after it’s done). After we decided what to paint for that area, we went up to the second floor to discuss another and much larger wall that they wanted done first, in Xander’s play area up there. Nice big loft area with one bright red wall, one…

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Feb 4

February 4, 2014

The window valance coordinates with the light cornice and softens the look

Master Bath Magic

Al had this really nice condo when we met, complete with an enormous master bathroom- I love the size of it, we are spoiled. It was in need of a bit of an update- the wallpaper installed by one of the several previous owners was beginning to peel in spots, the faucets had some corrosion and even the light fixtures and towel bars had seen better days, rust was beginning to show up here and there. The wallpaper had to…

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Feb 3

February 3, 2014


Northville Art House: Member’s Show

One of last year’s paintings is taking a ride over to Northville’s Art house for their Member’s Show. We were allowed to enter two paintings, but they had so many artists enter their work that they asked us all to just bring one. I chose the above work: “Barn”, one of my pointillism works from last summer. The exhibit opens this Friday with a reception from 6-9 pm, so that’s where you know Al and I will be! I hope…

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Feb 3

February 3, 2014

Rowan House

House Portraits

Back in November, I was asked to paint a small house portrait for a lovely couple. They had moved out of the home they had lived in for many, many years, and it had been his boyhood home as well, originally built by his father. A simple house,  well loved by the couple, but time marches on and it was time to move on to the simpler life of condo living. Fortunately, there were a few decent photos to work…

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Jan 28

January 28, 2014

screen shot of index

Ellen Leigh- Fine Artist

I’ve been at it again. It was well past time for a total overhaul on my web site, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. New backgrounds, new colors, new header art, buttons, navigation, structure- all kinds of stuff. Behind the scenes are links, animations, photo album slide shows, graphics and a whole computer language that this old dinosaur certainly never learned as a kid playing with blocks.   I’ve divided the site into two sections…

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Sep 9

September 9, 2013


Old Cars and Trucks

There’s something rare and beautiful about decay, especially on old vehicles in their final parking spot. Al can’t resist poking through vintage car lots and junk yards taking photos of the old used up cars and trucks, and I usually find things to photograph too- anything rusty and well worn usually catches my eye. I grabbed three small canvases last week and a few photos of ancient cars and trucks to play around with. I wanted to capture the variety…

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Aug 31

August 31, 2013

"In Memory"

‘In Memory’

This painting started out with an altogether different feel in my preliminary sketch. As I worked on the siding on the building, it began to look more and more neglected and abandoned to me, kind of forgotten in time. The once pretty garden grew weedy and I added the rusting truck reflected in the glass of the window. Just who came by to pick the flowers, we may never know, but I think they left them in memory of what…

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Aug 31

August 31, 2013



Sometimes I just like to play with paints until I am inspired to just finish the darn thing already. This is one of those pieces. I really can’t tell you how many layers or hours I spent on this- it started out as a sample board I didn’t like in a technique I never wanted to put on a wall, got painted over with an attempt at contemporary art, layed with glazes, stenciling and put aside for a while before…

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Aug 30

August 30, 2013

pretty little shelf

Looking for a Good Home

Here’s a couple of small furniture items I finished up recently that are looking for a good home. (Wow. I posted this last week and sold both within a day- they are already in their new homes!) This small decorative shelf I snatched up a while back at an estate sale. I thought it would look awesome dressed up in a fresh coat of paint, distressed and glazed. I added a bit of decorative painting to the top and finished…

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Aug 14

August 14, 2013

Fine Art America prints, just as they come.

Fine Art Prints and Photographs

Quite a while back in 2007 I discovered an on-line service called Fine Art America. Great for artists and photographers, it allows us to sell prints of our work in a safe and secure way. Really fine, high resolution, beautiful prints.  I’ve ordered a few and they are awesome! A couple of months ago, they created a ‘shopping cart’ system that we could add to our own web sites. Cool! Something new to offer people! Having some office time this…

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Aug 9

August 9, 2013


Fairy Tale Girl’s Room

In the second model home project with the interior design firm that contacted me recently, I was allowed a bit more creativity in designing the work. The designer on the project had a fairy tale in mind- stone castle walls and a fairy tale tower scene on one wall to coordinate with all of the fun things she had planned for this girl’s room. After doing some research on the story I planned out a design and figured on three…

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